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In addition to ibogaine treatment for addiction and spiritual healing, the Dream House is now offering traditional healing and initiation with the iboga root bark under the guidance of Moughenda Mikala, a tenth generation nganga of the Missoko Bwiti sect from southern Gabon. Bwiti, originating among the forest Pygmies, is a traditional African spiritual practice whose essence is ancestor worship and direct connection to God.

Moughenda was born and raised in Libreville, Gabon and Mimongo Village, the home of the Massango tribe on his mother's side. His father is from the Mitsogho tribe. It was Moughenda's maternal grandfather who guided him through five initiations from the age of fifteen to twenty two.

These five initiations relate to the five aspects of Missoko Bwiti: Ngonde (bwiti of visions and diagnostics), Mioba (bwiti of healing with plants and herbs), Bosuka (bwiti of knowledge of creation), Mabundi (bwiti of women), and Senguedia (bwiti of protection). The Missoko of the southern region of Gabon were not influenced by Christianity and their traditions are closest to Dissumba, the original Bwiti that was first practiced by the Pygmies.


People seek healing with iboga for a variety of reasons: spiritual development, physical and spiritual disease, repressed memories, demon possession, communication with family members who have passed away, recovery of lost objects, and haunted homes or places. For those seeking spiritual development, the iboga can begin to open the third eye, awakening spiritual vision.


The Iboga Initiation is an entirely different matter. Other than the ngangas (shamans), the initiation is a once in a lifetime experience.

Its objective is to make contact with one's ancestors, and reestablish connection and awareness of the spiritual world.
The main purpose of the initiation is a life, a death and a rebirth of the old self into a new spiritually aware presence. Its objective is to make contact with one's ancestors, and reestablish connection and awareness of the spiritual world. The initiation is not a psychedelic trip, it is an intense 3 day ceremony requiring prior fasting, a thorough confession, and intensive interaction with Moughenda and the staff of the Dream House. We recommend seven to ten days to rest and recover strength and stability afterwards.


We are unable to offer the Iboga Initiation to those with compromised physical or mental conditions or existing drug dependency. Complete honesty is a requirement for the initiation process. Please provide a picture of yourself and detailed reasons for wanting to do this ceremony.

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