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About Ibogaine


Scientific studies of Ibogaine have now shown that Ibogaine acts as an ‘interrupter’ of existing neural pathways, which allows for people to erase cellular memory of trauma as well as regenerate healthy neural pathways. “Ibogaine works through multiple neurotransmitter systems to create a state of plasticity similar to states of plasticity existing during fetal development. This critical brain state may facilitate the consolidation of traumatic memories, reversal of abnormal hemispheric functions, and the dissolution of habitual patterns associated with addiction".

Ibogaine is an isolated active alkaloid from the root bark of the central West African shrub Tabernanthe Iboga. It’s also found in the plant Voacanga Africana, as a source of pure 99% Ibogaine HCL, It has been used for thousands of years for spiritual development and as a rite of passage, and initiation into adulthood. Its properties as a treatment to stop opiate withdrawal was unknown until the late 1960’s. Since that time, studies undertaken by leading research and academic facilities have shown that Ibogaine is an effective addiction interrupter for most substances including heroin, methadone, methamphetamine, cocaine, alcohol, and nicotine.


Ibogaine works to rebalance the brain chemistry, re-regulation natural production of dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, adrenaline etc., essentially returning the individual to a pre-addicted state. This helps the individual to feel better quickly, especially when compared to quitting ‘cold turkey’ which can take weeks or months. Those coming off antidepressants may also go through this experience. We have actually found that pharmaceutical drugs take longer to recover from than street drugs. They get very deep into the body and mind, and create a mental dependency as well as a physical change in the function and action of a healthy mind.

In post-Ibogaine therapy, there is still a lot of physical recovery needing to take place to restore complete balance.  Ibogaine therapy is most effective when combined with the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. The quick onset of ‘craving relief’ is also why Ibogaine works so well for stimulants and sexual addiction (associated with the use of stimulants). Sexual expression is often a common motivator for wanting to use in the first place.

Phases 1-3



Ibogaine can provide individuals with critical insights into the origins of their unhealthy behavior patterns. This is experienced acutely during the first hours after administration when the conscious , subconscious, and unconscious aspects of the mind are merged. During this “awakened dream” state, past events, even those which the individual is not conscious of, may come to the surface of your thoughts. Many individuals have suddenly understood or clarified past traumatic events or situations that, in part, have led to their present life condition. In effect, years of therapy can be replicated in a matter of hours. This is not experienced visually by everyone. At times the ibogaine is healing internally or the individual is only able to receive that which is possible in that moment. It varies depending on current health conditions, physical injuries, emotional maturity, people need time to overcome a lifetime of sometimes years of beliefs and behavior that's unhealthy. Even if someone doesn’t experience the stream of conscience or has no dreams, or even clear messages,  the Ibogaine still does the job of resetting and addressing the imprints and repetitive negative behavior that has been restricting someone from the opportunity to have a meaningful and active life.



This initial phase is followed by a period of introspection during which the information that was revealed during the journey is processed. The full range of emotions may be experienced during these first 24-36 hours, and most people require some down time to recuperate physically. This medicine can be very hard on the body. Some people feel so depleted that they are unable to leave their bed. Occasionally individuals may be completely overcome emotionally by what has been revealed to them, and some may become very depressed. Ibogaine moves energy in the body around, so many things may need your attention emotionally. It’s like a release valve opens, and it’s suggested to allow everything to come out, whatever it may look like. This is a large part of the healing process. The thoughts and emotions that come up during this time are being released from the body and psyche. We emphasize that reviewing ones life with the ibogaine active in the system allows for those memories to change their position. This may be uncomfortable for some, it is important to remember that, in large part, the success of your treatment is dependent on allowing this process to fully run its course. There is a fine balance between talking too much and withdrawing into oneself. Many people find that discussing their experiences with us freely and without judgment or shame makes them relax into the revelations and insights gained during the session. We are available in whatever capacity necessary during this time, but if we feel that you are avoiding going inward, we will not hesitate to guide you back in that direction. We understand this is a new experience for everyone who comes. We wish to keep that balance for each person and not interfere with your individual needs for processing, while being sure you feel fully supported and safe.



After ingestion, Ibogaine is converted by the liver into nor-Ibogaine, which stores itself in the fat cells of the body. Nor-Ibogaine is the true healer. It can take 72 to 96 hours post treatment for these effects to be experienced. This by-product created by the body to hold on and to and saves the nor-ibogaine, is a statement in itself. Ibogaine is not toxic, Its like a super food for the body and mind and it's naturally trying to find a way to keep it active in the system. It's also been documented as a natural antidepressant, you can use small amounts every 6-8 weeks rather than daily medications that generally are non effective over time. Nor-ibogaine has effects that establish an overall state of well-being, a feeling of being totally present with oneself and frees the individual from old outgrown thought patterns that no longer are effective. Just the experience of a quiet mind is profound for many who have over employed the mind to be in charge.

The Spirit of Iboga

For thousands of years humans have evolved with plants - using them for the healing of mind, body, and soul. Some of these plants, such as Iboga, have emerged as strong teachers recognized as sacred medicines used in the healing of the most deeply spiritual aspects of our being. People of the equatorial regions of Africa have worked with the Tabernanthe Iboga plant as an herb of initiation and as a rite of passage for millennia. Absolutely no discussion of the role of Ibogaine in the West can be complete without taking the spiritual aspects of the medicine into consideration. We have personally witnessed Iboga exhibit incredible intelligence in its actions. It seems to know what each person can handle at any given moment. Some people are treated gently, while others are pushed beyond the edge of comfort and are asked to face difficult issues at the core of their being. We are asked to see ourselves in our wholeness, leaving behind notions of good and bad. We are empowered to see ourselves as we actually are. We are empowered to see the true consequences of our actions, and we no longer have to react to situations based on habitual responses programmed by past experience. We are given the freedom to exist in the present moment in connection with our true being and the whole of creation.

Cultivating the Art of Living

After this period, there is a window of opportunity, anywhere from 12 to 24 days, for one to witness what previously was acted out in a completely unconscious manner. You may now experience these actions consciously. This is a chance to cultivate the art of living from a place of self compassion and humility. The Awakened Dream will continue in awake daily life, it's an opportunity to see how we create our own life, that the people and circumstances are within our own decisions and actions, This period of being in an Awake Dream is the essence of self responsibility, A place to claim my intentions and what it is i want to dream up. We have 2 choices, dream up or dream down. In the beginning it's a little foreign but in time we become more aware of the life we are living. It takes time to clean up the life we came from, and additional support is highly suggested it can be in many forms there are Ibogaine aftercare centers specific for ibogaine , There is online coaching and integration programs now that didn't exist back when I took ibogaine, This whole new interest from the professional field to help and guide people for whatever reason you choose this path, is one of the inspirational aspects of this work. That it has truly become an option for treatment of many conditions and is an opportunity for people in the therapeutic field to really help and grow this movement. 

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