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Our Team


Rocky Caravelli


In 2003 Rocky took ibogaine for heroin, methamphetamine, and methadone. He was amongst the first 2500 people to take Ibogaine for addiction interruption. He stayed on at the clinic for almost a year and was the house manager and sitter for 75 people who came through during that time. After leaving with a solid foundation in medical detox, Rocky began doing underground treatments in Portland, Oregon until 2006 when he come to San Pancho, Mexico and opened the Awakening in the Dream House.

Over ten years he safely treated over 750 people, mostly for addiction interruption. Since that time the he moved to San Miguel De Allende and has focused more on psychotherapeutic applications. The Awakening in the Dream House has been recreated as a licensed corporation in Mexico as a medical detox, Botánicos y Desintoxicación y Tratamiento Natural, SC. The Dream House has expanded the uses and applications for ibogaine therapy for many different individual conditions. To date, around 900 clients have received ibogaine under the care of the Dream House. Rocky has extensive experience with all forms of iboga extracts and has designed Integrative Ibogaine Therapy as a foundation to working with each individual for a personalized experience, utilizing the different alkaloids and extracts to help people achieve access to the root causes of their conditions. The initiatory experience has been the foundation of all the Dream House therapies, but we have been experimenting using lower doses to build up nor-ibogaine accumulation. This is a safe approach for the population of people interested in experiencing the benefits but who don’t want to or can’t tolerate the initiatory level dose. Rocky as been working with ibogaine for 20 years and has safely conducted close to a thousand journeys. Many of those people have returned to continue to develop a personal relationship to the spirit of iboga.


Asha Caravelli


With an earthy and grounded nature, Asha Caravelli has worked alongside Rocky Caravelli and the Dreamhouse staff to facilitate ibogaine treatments over a 14 year living apprenticeship. Formally trained by the Elizabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation Mexico Centro in Compassionate Accompaniment as a Life, Death and Transition Doula, Asha supports others through the liminal space of initiation, primarily by a devotional daily practice of self-care and ongoing education, remaining ready to hold a safe container without need to change or direct what the spirit brings. Daughter of Ross Kent and Paula Kent. Mother to Delani and Roco Caravelli. Grandmother to Leon Emiliano, 25 months. As a Grandmother, Asha takes the “long view” of her own healing, her family’s well-being and her relationship with Iboga. She’s happiest outside in nature and at the stove preparing fresh food with Love.


Marijke Cadenelli


Marijke is a Registered Nurse with a diverse background in healthcare including addiction treatment, detox and recovery, mental health dual diagnosis, as well as several years in hospice and end-of-life care. Her journey into nursing was a calling rooted in her desire to support others through their most vulnerable moments, and integrated medical training with her background in holistic health care, massage therapy, Reiki and herbal medicine.

Her path took an unexpected turn in 2006 when she was introduced to Iboga. This encounter sparked a transformative journey that led her to Mexico for the inception of the Dream House in Nayarit. Here she learned from and worked alongside Rocky Caravelli, as well as working in the nearby integration house and aftercare facility. After participating in nearly 100 treatments over the following years, Marijke witnessed the power of iboga in facilitating personal growth and deep healing.

Through her multifaceted skills and understanding of the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, Marijke continues to facilitate healing journeys that honor the wisdom of the plants and the resilience of the human spirit. Her love for the healing arts is complemented by her deep connection with nature, cultivated over 25 years of learning from the plants as a folk herbalist and medicine maker, botanical artist, weaver, distiller and gardener.


Matteo Cadenelli


Matteo first met Iboga in 2006. After meeting Rocky Caravelli, founder of the Dream House in 2005, he became interested in the healing benefits of this sacred plant medicine. Having delved deeply into the mystical and magical nature of psychedelics, hearing Rocky’s account of Iboga and it’s profound impact on transformation was an inspiration. At the time, Matteo and Rocky were a part of a community in Portland, OR called Awakening in the Dream, founded and led by author and thinker, Paul Levy. These groups met weekly and were a soul-stirring blend of Jungian psychology, Tibetan Buddhist thought, quantum revelation, and personal encounter work. Hearing Rocky’s call for working with Ibogaine and in the spirit of Awakening in the Dream, Matteo, Rocky, and fellow group members Marijke and Scott moved to Sayulita, Mexico and began work establishing the Awakening
in the Dream House for integrative Ibogaine therapy.

Matteo has a lifelong passion for making music, excellent food, nature, and waking up. His 20+ years involvement in the Awakening in the Dream group has led him into a practice of radical honesty, attempting to create connections through a
willingness to see though the obscurations of the ego. He combines his love for connecting with people in an intimate way with a desire to help the Dream House in any way that is needed.


Zahra Adloo


As a seasoned professional in addiction and PTSD treatment, Zahra has dedicated years to guiding individuals on their journey towards healing and recovery. It is this extensive experience and deep understanding of the complexities of mental health that has drawn her to the transformative potential of Iboga therapy.

With a background as a psychedelic integration coach, Zahra has witnessed firsthand the profound impact that psychedelic-assisted therapies can have on individuals struggling with addiction and trauma. Her role in supporting clients through the integration process has reinforced her belief in the power of these therapies to facilitate profound healing and personal growth.

In addition to her therapeutic skillsets, Zahra brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from her yogic spiritual
path as an instructor. By weaving together the wisdom of yoga and the healing potential of Iboga therapy, she aims to
provide clients with a holistic approach to healing that addresses their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. As
an advocate, she strives to provide a nonjudgmental space as she embarks on the wisdom and time it takes to
become a facilitator in the future.

Through the work and guidance of her mentors Asha and Rocky Caravelli, Zahra is committed to offering clients a tool for more hope for their futures. By guiding them towards greater self-awareness, empowerment, and resilience, she strives to help individuals tap into their innate capacity for healing and transformation. Working together, she will explore with clients the depths of their inner truth and unlock the potential for profound healing and growth.


Scott Gagel, PA-C


Scott brings a multifaceted background to the Awakening in the Dream House. With an early background as a massage therapist, fitness trainer and entrepreneur, he has spent the last 25 years
as a clinician in Louisville, Kentucky, mainly in Emergency Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery. He left clinical practice after receiving a cancer diagnosis in 2016 and moved to Ireland for two years, where he emerged with a new passion for integrative healing, particularly plant-based medicines. He has spent the last several years researching the therapeutic use of psychedelic substances, while treating patients with IV Ketamine for depression, PTSD, anxiety and chronic pain. He was VP of Clinical Operations for an Ibogaine Retreat in Cancun, Mexico during 2023.

He brings his unique experience both professionally and personally to help oversee the clinical application of Ibogaine at the Dream House. He is adamant that these omnipotent substances can not only heal the wounded citizens of our world, but can also be utilized to advance human consciousness and take our psycho-spiritual evolution to a higher level. His passions outside of work include aviation, mycology, and reveling in nature.

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